Linux users are very into technology. Even if users use both Linux and Windows, there are things you cannot do as easily on Windows. The most common non-windows users are developers who need the support that the community offers. It’s very difficult to get a lot of software working on Windows, while on Linux it just becomes a breeze. But the question is, how can Linux users can started with mining some Ethereum?

Flexibility is incredibly important too, so we need a mining program that allows us to securely mine Ethereum in a safe way while maximizing the efficiency of our hardware. As it turns out, the most common way that users on Linux use to mine involves two PPAs (Personal Package Archives) which makes mining digital Ether a breeze. Go Ethereum, known as geth, is very popular for accounts as an ethereum wallet type software while C++ Ethminer is used to mine the coins.

Which Graphics Card do I use?

The RX 480 just recently came out. The price to performance ratio is absolutely insane. At least it is for gamers. The price point is insane for the performance. But what about cryptocurrency mining? According to CryptoCompare, the buyback period will be about four months. This means you’re making straight profit after only a few months of mining.

RX 480 Graphics card for Mining

RX 480 Graphics card for Mining

So should you  pick up this card? Almost absolutely. The ratings are great, and the performance is quite amazing for the specs it gives. On top of that, the power consumption is pretty good as it uses a 6 pin connector rather than 8 pins. It was initially speculated that there wouldn’t be enough power delivery from only 6 pins, but we’ve yet to see major concern. Each card will net you about one and a half dollars in profit every day at the moment, which can grow tremendously if you save your Ethereum and Bitcoin. Other mining cards such as the R9 380 have buyback times of over a year! That’s a huge investment to make, and users will likely see no profits since better, more cost effective graphics cards will be released with each coming year. With each card you have, you can bank about $500 USD per year. What’s great about this is how easily it is to scale up your mining operation. That means if you run a server farm of about 1000 cards, that’s easily $500,000 a year!

Which Distribution of Linux do I use to Mine?

Just use Ubuntu, ok.

Ubuntu works.

If you have a choice of which distribution of Linux to run, it’s highly recommended to run a stable popular one that is Debian based. Most people choose Ubuntu since users can get help and follow tutorials such as this. Any distribution will work, but you may run into problems during the setup if you decide to be interesting. Here’s a very quick tutorial on how to mine on Ubuntu 16.04 or Debian 8.

Where do I store my coins?

Since you’re mining Ethereum, you’ll obviously need to put your coins somewhere. There are a number of good options ranging from offline wallets to online wallets. It’s a good idea to use an offline wallet. But which one is the best ethereum wallet? Some users prefer a more complex method of storing their coins, using paper wallets. Paper Ethereum wallets are good for long term storage but often quite difficult to use and can be physically lost, so it’s important to be careful with the information. Mist (on Github) is a very good option for all users to hold your balances. We should also mention geth (go ethereum), as well – MyEtherWallet or best ethereum wallet is often used to generate paper wallets, and has served the community for quite some time. It’s pretty awesome how far Ethereum has come, and that it’s also the most profitable coin to mine at the moment.

Check this graphic out:

Look how profitable Ethereum is to mine! Get it for your Best Ethereum Wallet.

Look how profitable Ethereum is to mine!

For more resources on how to get started with mining, do some research on CryptoCompare and Ethereum forums. Good luck!

If you have your own tips on how to maximize profits with mining, pass us a comment below so we can add it to the article!